The Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management Network (


The Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Managment Network ( is an EPSRC funded project that aims to bring together professionals from across the whole Flood Risk Management sector, including academic researchers and students, engineering professionals, public bodies, NGOs and community groups.


The purpose of the Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management Network ( is to bring together this diverse group of expert practitioners and provide opportunities for collaboration that will:

  • Foster innovative thinking in flood risk management
  • Share the outcomes of research with diverse audiences in meaningful ways
  • Promote the translation of research outcomes into policy and practice
  • Stimulate pioneering research that is driven by real and timely needs, and that makes a genuine difference to those at risk from flooding and coastal erosion.


The Network is a three-year project, and is currently on-going but it has already delivered a significant number of intiatives and activities for the Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management Community.  You can access examples of these outputs by using the hyperlinks below:

  • A website that acts as a central hub for communications, knowledge exchange and collaboration
  • Monthly newsletters to the community, sharing news, activities, opportunities, events and resources
  • A monthly blog series, In Perspective Blog,  written by guest authors from the FCERM community that aims to share key ideas, insights, practices and experiences  with other professionals, such as policy -makers and practitioners
  • A regular webinar series, delivered by guests from the FCERM community, aimed at a technical audience, for the purposes of sharing project updates, best-practice, experiences and transferable knowlege
  • Annual Assemblies, providing opportunities for our community to come together in person to exchange knowlege and experiences and to encourage collaboration across disciplines and sectors
  • An On-line, members-only Community Forum, to help members continue collaboration and knowlege share in between our face-to-face events
  • A resource database - an archive of presentations, webinars, fact sheets, technical reports and conference proceedings, openly accesible and free to download.

For more information on browse the project website, or contact the project co-ordinator.