Innovative Research

Innovative Research

International Leaders

At Heriot-Watt University’s Water Academy we pride ourselves on being leaders in international water research.  Our team’s research interests span sustainable urban water management, flood risk management and ecosystem services to sustainable building design and water quality improvement and pollution control.


Transformative Research

Our team strive to ensure that their research makes a real and meaningful impact in the field of water management, where possible, ensuring that their work has a practical application that makes a real difference to communities. Our team achieve this  by producing tools and technologies, advancing knowledge and techniques, and through community education.


Research-Led Teaching

We use the findings of this research, as well as that conducted by our contemporaries to advance our own understanding, and as a foundation for the teaching in our Masters programmes. Ensuring our students engage with novel and innovative thinking, methods and solutions helps prepare them for a future career in the environmental sector.


You can view our projects here or browse our team pages to find projects led by our researchers.