MSc Water Technology and Desalination

"To address the many challenges related to water [namely, the provision of safe drinking water and sanitation]..…we must be open to new ideas and innovation, and be prepared to share the solutions we need for a sustainable future. If we do so, we can end poverty, promote global prosperity and well‐being, protect the environment and withstand the threat of climate change."

Ban Ki Moon, UN Secretary General 2015

The aim of the Water Technology and Desalination programme is to provide a sound understanding of a range of technologies that can be developed to provide safe, accessible water supply from saline groundwater and seawater.   Students will develop a critical awareness of the wider issues of resource management within the context of global change and the challenges presented by the need for desalination to be delivered on a technically robust, economically sound and sustainable basis. 

Developing Technical Expertise

This programme offers opportunities to develop technical expertise in the field of water desalination.  There is a technical focus on the design parameters and processes underpinning their efficient performance and operation of desalination plants, and their components.  This programme is offered in collaboration with the International Desalination Association (IDA), leaders in  professional development for the global desalination industry and is directly relevant to those wishing to further their career potential in the field of water technology and desalination.

Flexible Learning

This programme is offered as an on-line Independent Distance Learning programme providing our students with opportunities to advance their knowledge, academic qualifications, and career credentials whilst undertaking other commitments such as full-time employment. 

How to Apply