Prof Bhaskar Sen Gupta

Prof Bhaskar  Sen Gupta
Bhaskar’s research focuses on low-cost water treatment using natural materials. He specialises in water and environmental management issues in Asia. He has a particular interest in community-level water treatment and supply.

Research profile 

Bhaskar started his professional career in India working for Indian Aluminium Company and British American Tobacco, where he gained hands-on experience on process engineering. During his academic career in India, Malaysia and the UK, he worked on many environmental projects, focussing on green technologies for water and wastewater treatment.

Bhaskar’s work on chemical free arsenic removal from groundwater has won many awards including IChemE (UK) Ambani Award, Times Higher Education Outstanding Research Award, Energy Globe Award and St Andrews Prize for the Environment. He has also won several personal awards for contribution to environmental research. This work also won REF2014 Impact award from UK Water Industry Forum and ARUP.


Bhaskar has worked on arsenic remediation from groundwater using natural processes, without any use of chemicals as the Principal Investigator. This work was funded by the European Commission, The World Bank, UKRC, The British Council, Royal Academy of Engineering and Conoco Phillips, during 2004 and 2014.

At an earlier stage (1996-1999), he worked on gas sparged membrane process with Prof Z. F. Cui of Oxford University, funded by the British Council CICHE programme between UK and Malaysia.

Currently he is working on arsenic mobilisation in soil, funded by The Royal Society and drinking water provision under extreme climatic conditions in Malaysia (Kelantan flood) and India(Gujarat drought), both funded by the British Council.